Smile Better is the fastest growing at-home teeth whitening brand in Australia. We serve customers in most parts of the world with the most effective and safest teeth whitening solution.

Why spend many hundreds of dollars at the dentists for teeth whitening gel when you can buy Smile Better dental grade Gel formula, get the same results from the comfort of your own home and it won’t cost you a fortune.

1. Not everyone’s teeth can be perfectly white

Regardless of the cause of your stains (coffee, tea, red wine), the natural colour (and genetic makeup) of an individual’s teeth is different. Even so Smile Better whitening product will remove all/most of the stains that have accumulated over time. You’ll never know just how white your teeth can be until you try. Let Smile Better provide you with that opportunity.

2. The best time to whiten your teeth

Given the pores in your teeth are more open after teeth whitening Smile Better recommend whitening your teeth before bed time as it will reduce the possibility of any staining given there will be a long period without drinking coffee, tea, or red wine

3. Sensitivity after teeth whitening is normal.

Most people have naturally sensitive teeth – mostly caused by thin enamel, crack/damaged teeth or indeed genetics. During the whitening process, it is completely normal for sensitivity to occur. The teeth become temporarily dehydrated which reduces their ability to insulate the nerve from changes in temperature. Sensitivity will normally disappear 12-36 hours after whitening.

4. Teeth are like sponges.

Did you know that your teeth have pores, just like your skin? Everything you eat or drink that contains pigment will leave its footprint. This includes coffee, tea, curries, berries, red wine and nicotine. If it is something you consume on a regular basis, then you should expect your teeth to become stained. Staining is a cumulative process. This means that your teeth won’t stay white forever from removing the stains only once.

5. Teeth whitening does not damage your teeth.

Just like aggressive brushing of your teeth, abuse of any kind can be damaging. However, if used as instructed, Smile Better teeth whitening is very safe. The whitening process uses active ingredients to temporarily open pores in your teeth and lift stains. After each whitening session, your teeth naturally re-mineralize and rehydrate.

6. Dentist cost of teeth whitening using the same teeth whitening ingredients is AU$600 / GB£500

You pay this hefty fee because dentist’s time is valuable. Operating a lab, paying for shops, and scheduling multiple appointments costs the dentist time and money. Smile Better deliver effective and safe home teeth whitening solutions and save customers more than 70% off the traditional cost of dentist teeth whitening.

7. Stains on teeth cannot be removed overnight.

No product on the market can whiten in a few minutes or a day. Given the stringent regulation around teeth whitening ingredients, it is impossible for any whitening agent to safely penetrate deep enough into the teeth at that speed. In fact the whitening process can take as few as 4 days and up to a couple of weeks – everyone is different. Customers with severe stains must be patient with the process and know that each whitening session removes years of stains. Once those stains are gone, it is really easy to maintain.

8. Caps and veneers cannot be whitened

When artificial caps and veneers are installed, they are created to match the colour of your surrounding teeth. The material is created a darker (or lighter) colour and can never be changed. Caps and veneers will neither whiten nor stain. Teeth whitening will not damage dental work.

9. Is home teeth whitening as effective as professional whitening?

Studies are now showing that lab direct whitening done at home is similar if not more effective than laser whitening at the dentist surgery. And with laser whitening costing upwards of $500-$1000, Smile Better is also more cost effective.

10. Baking soda is harsh.

Many people think that using baking soda to brush or whiten your teeth is a safer alternative than whitening products, but actually it is more abrasive. Yes, baking soda will remove your teeth stains, but it is so strong that it can eventually cause the enamel of your teeth to erode.